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Buying a property can be daunting. There are many things to be concerned about, such as paying too much on a home, not finding the right investment for growth and being let down. If the process of buying a home seems intimidating, a Buyer’s Agent is the right choice for you.

We manage the entire process for you, or manage the stages you want us to, such as selecting the best value properties across Melbourne, handling negotiation so you don’t pay too much on a property and helping you through the settlement process. We save you time and money, and take the stress of the buying process off your hands. Our Buyer’s Agents are fully qualified and experienced, and will provide you with honest and helpful advice with buying a property

Purchasing a property can be the most expensive purchase of your life. Wise Real Estate Advice has the knowledge and expertise to help you through the entire buying process.


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Selling Property – Vendor Advocate Melb

Are you looking to sell your property, but aren’t sure how to provide the best outcome for yourself and your property on the market? Selling your home through a real estate agent can be frustrating, as some of the setbacks may include paying an unfairly high fee on an agent’s boosted commission and having high pressure selling strategies.

Vendor Advocate Melb act as the middle-man between you and the agent, arranging the best result for you and your property. We are highly trained and qualified, and will negotiate with the real estate agent on your behalf. Our expertise includes giving you advice on the best method of sale and educating you on the current condition of the property market. We know when the best time to sell is, and we will arrange for you to have the greatest sale price for your property.

We take the stress off your hands throughout the whole procedure, from providing expert advice to preparing your promotional photos, recommending the best presentation for your home, managing and scheduling inspections and helping you through the settlement process. At Vendor Advocate Melb we know you want to have the easiest, most stress-free selling process, and we can guarantee we will provide you with insightful advice and walk you through the sale of your property, every step of the way.


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Property Management – Property Managers Melb

Property Managers Melb take the pressure of managing your property off your hands. Our fully licenced property managers understand how to make your property profitable by sourcing the right tenants for you. We will ensure quality tenants that will stick around, shortening the amount of time your property is vacant.

Our team regularly inspect your property and make sure your asset is being looked after by sending you digital videos of the inspection. We make sure all necessary maintenance is thoroughly completed to a high standard and look after any maintenance issues. We minimise the risk of inconvenient rental arrears by conducting rigorous checks of any prospective tenants. If any issues arise, we take care of that too.

At Property Managers Melb, we want you to have the smoothest experience with owning your property, and endeavour to look after your property the way you want it without the stress of doing it yourself.

Property Development

A profitable way to capitalise on your investment is to develop your property. Property developing could mean subdividing your current property, or purchasing a new property with the intention to subdivide. If you’re looking to purchase a sub-dividable property, but aren’t sure where to begin, Wise Real Estate Advice can help you get a better understanding on subdivision and help you through the process of finding packages for property development.

The appeal of subdividing your property and building multiple units or townhouses is that multiple sources of income can come out of one property, maximising your profit. At Wise Real Estate Advice, we have the skill and expertise in sourcing the right kind of land for you. Subdivision can be a complicated process. Working with the council’s regulations and trying to find the best land for your property development plan could be difficult. That’s where we come in. Our buyer’s agents will take over the complicated process of sourcing potential land you could subdivide on, finding the most cost-effective method to developing your property and ensuring your project’s success.

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